Thursday, June 26, 2014

First Blog Ever, How I Started Sewing

Welcome to my first blog ever.  I figured I would start by introducing my self.  My  name is Audrey and I have been sewing for about two years.  My grandmother and mom both sewed so I was exposed to sewing from as far back as I can remember.  Of course when I was young I didn't think it was "cool" to learn sewing unfortunately although I did enjoy all of the beautiful unique dresses they made for me.  In high school it was the 90's and the whole grunge vintage clothing look was very popular.  I spent quite a bit of time scouring thrift stores for wool plaid skirts that I would chop off and hand hem into miniskirts.  Life got busy after that and I became a single mom and spent most of my time working, going to school and of course being a mom. Five years ago I met my soul mate and we became married.  He was a package deal with three children so I became a mom to four children and then we had two more together so no we are a busy large family of eight!  I consider myself mom to my stepchildren since we have full custody and they rarely see their biological mom, so I refer to them as mine.  With the birth of my son and his medical complications, minor but time consuming we decided that I should be a stay at home mom.  This was a difficult transition for me because I have always worked.  Not too later I became pregnant again with my beautiful little surprise my baby girl.  She's the one who motivated me to start sewing.  Something inside of of me came alive again and my creative side that had been pushed away out of too much going was reignited the moment I set eyes on her.  At first I was like oh no I'm not going to be that mom that dresses her girl super girly but all of a sudden I was.  I couldn't help it!  Everything had flowers, ruffles, lace, pink etc.  But I wanted to put her in unique things that just wasn't possible on our one income six children household, thus I started sewing and haven't stopped since then.  I self taught myself using my mom's few visits, what I remembered from childhood and the Internet.  I started off with simple flower additions and quickly moved on to whole outfits.  Learning from my mistakes along the way and loving the fact that I could make one of kind outfits for my baby.  In the past year I have ventured into sewing for myself, my son, and testing patterns.  Sewing has become my passion!  It's a way for me to escape the daily chaos and take a piece of fabric and make it become something wearable.  Much cheaper than therapy LOL!  As I test more patterns I will share them with you and continue to share my journey in sewing as I continue to learn and progress.