Sunday, July 27, 2014

Matching Outfits!

Soooo, I've become "that" mom, who put my daughter and I in matching outfits lol!  Actually though, I saw this fabric and loved it and decided it would work perfect for both of us and I had just gotten done testing the Sloan pattern for Bebelambs and Bebelambs has the Cassandra pattern for little girls, so why not! 
Technically I'm on vacation right now in California and supposed to be taking a break from sewing.  I couldn't help myself though and packed this dress and top which weren't quite finished thinking I might need a sewing fix.  Of course I did, so I borrowed my mom's sewing machine and finished them up.  The plus side to taking pictures in California is the beautiful scenery, much more interesting than the desert in Nevada. 
I used a beautiful cotton voile and lined the top and dress both in a lightweight cotton.  There's a small silver stripe  in the fabric although it's hard to see in the pictures.  I must mention, since of course I didn't think about it until after I had made the dress, if you decide to omit the ruffle on the Cassandra, make sure to add the additional length to the dress part when you cut it.  Oh well, Emma's dress is a little short but my justification is that I'll have her wear it with leggings or jeans come this winter.  The top I'm wearing is the Sloan pattern, made in the top/tunic length with a lining added.  The pattern has instructions on how to do this.  Is a very quick pattern with adorable results.  Miss Emma is wearing the Cassandra pattern without the ruffle.  This pattern also includes instructions on how to line it.  Both have a shirred bodice and tie straps.  I love both of these patterns for their simplicity and versatility.  An extra bonus-no pattern pieces to print (YAY!!!) just measurements for the fabric pieces to cut.

 Spinning in circles
 Playing on the Redwoods
An old abandoned house in the Santa Cruz mountains, thankfully the steps didn't break :/
   Sloan                                     Cassandra
 Eating blackberries=end of the photo shoot :)
Such a fun photo shoot and sew!!!!! I would recommend doing at least one matching outfit with your daughter because before you know it she'll be a teenager and barely even want to acknowledge your presence, (believe me I know, I have one).