Friday, August 22, 2014

One for the boys!

I had the fun opportunity to test the Zander Hoodie and Hoodie vest pattern for Kymy of EYMM.  Let me start by saying I have almost every pattern of her's and every one that I've had the chance to make so far has been amazing.  They come together beautifully and are always spot on when it come to the latest trends.  For my older kids finding patterns that have store bought looks is important.  The latest pattern is no different.  I will say that it is more of an intermediate pattern than a beginner.  The directions must be followed carefully, no speed reading :)  In addition there is a zipper in this pattern.  Before testing this pattern I had done three zippers so I wasn't a complete novice and I found the directions on installing the zipper to be very straightforward.  I originally tested the pattern in size 4/5 and then again in size 16/18.  I was more pleased with the larger size only because of my personal learning curve lol!  Of course my 16 year old son was a little stunned by the fact that I was sewing something for him and then that he had to model it.  He was a very good sport about it though.  This is a fun hooded sweatshirt with an asymmetrical zipper up the front, long sleeve or vest option and a pocket option in the front.  It is recommended to be made out of french terry, lightweight sweatshirt material or fleece with a knit lining.  The result is a mid-weight sweatshirt that is perfect for fall and spring wear, winter wear under a coat or if you're lucky enough to live in California all year around.  This pattern is available in sizes NB-18 and can be purchased right now through Pattern Revolution's BundleUp sale right now.

Look at that handsome kid!  I think he actually had fun modeling LOL!