Tuesday, September 29, 2015

EYMM Zander Hoodie Blog tour

Phew is all I can say!  Have you ever committed to something and then have just about everything that could go wrong go wrong?  I'm sure we all have at some point, well anyway that's how this blog tour was for me.
When Kymy announced this blog tour I was like "Yes!  My son needs a new sweatshirt, I have the fabric, I'll even make one for myself and it will be sooo much fun!"  Well in the weeks leading up to the blog I've had three out of five kids sick, including high fevers and asthma attacks, high school and elementary school shenanigans to deal with,  secular work fiascoes and issues with my blended family that are so complicated I can't even begin to get into here....
BUT, I did manage to finish this just barely and my son did get an AWESOME new sweatshirt in his favorite colors with a super fun lining.  No I didn't get one done for myself but sometimes you just need to accept what you did accomplish and not dwell on what you didn't.
Enjoy the pictures and at the end there is a giveaway!

Now onto the pattern...the Zander hoodie is a lined sweatshirt or vest with a slightly over sized hood and asymmetrical zipper down the front.  I originally helped test this pattern so I've made it a few times before.  I would consider it more of an intermediate level compared to some other EYMM patterns.  This pattern is available in sizes 3 months to 18.  The directions are clear and offer lots of color photographs to help you through difficult areas.  I did the 4/5 size, which is great because it offers room for growth or layering.

I used a lightweight navy french terry for the outer and lightweight cotton jersey for the lining.  I accented with a red zipper and red ribbing for the wrist cuffs and waist.  My son's favorite part was the zipper because his favorite color is red.
I'm glad he enjoyed the zipper since it only took me four tries to get it lined up perfectly,  no joke, that's when I realized that perhaps I wasn't completely concentrating on my sewing.....
My advice for the zipper is first of all pin and check to see if the waist ribbing and pockets are lined up correctly BEFORE you sew and clear your mind before you start ;)
He was also pretty excite about the race cars on the lining fabric.  This is a great way to make something like a sweatshirt fun for a four year old boy who doesn't always want to wear a sweatshirt.
 So after  I finished I had to convince my four year old that it was time to take pictures, this is when the difference between boys and girls becomes extremely apparent.  I tell my daughter it's photo shoot time and we're going to take pretty pictures and generally she gets excited.  In contrast I had to bribe my son and even at that I only got a few good pictures before things deteriorated quickly first with the dog becoming part of the blog (haha Disney channel reference)  and then with my son attempting to give me some sort of GQ pose, then dirty looks and finally licking the tree.  Yes licking the tree, that's when I gave up.
A boy and his dog in a blog....

I'm not sure if this is I'm a serious model look or I'm plotting my next public fit to get back at you mom for making me do this....

Ummm yeah, I don't even know what to say.....

You made it to the end!  Congratulations!  Leave a comment below with your email address and your choice of Zander or his and hers and one person will be chosen randomly to recieve a free copy of EYMM's Zander hoodie or His and Hers Hoodie.

Make sure to visit the other stops on the tour to see more versions and hoodie inspiration!�Many�are giving away a copy of the pattern! (Psst ... check out the awesome savings listed after the tour links!)
*NOTE* The links below won�t show the tour posts until 7am PST on their day of the tour, BUT you are welcome to click through and check their blogs out at any time.
Hop over to the�EYMM shop and use code FALLHOODIES2015 to save 50% on either hoodie pattern! Coupon is good for�Zander's Hoodie & Hooded Vest (newborn-18tween) or�His & Hers Hoodie & Hooded Vest (adult XS-5XL)�and�expires�11:59pm PST on Sept. 29.
*NOTE*�These two patterns are INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED sewing level, as they include zipper installation and some unique assembly techniques.