Friday, November 14, 2014

Beach to School Knit Pants by Plucky Butterfly

I have tested quite a few patterns but this one in particular is a labor of love.  Pam, the designer, put so much effort and time into this pattern and it definitely shows in the fit of these shorts, capris, pants...  The pattern goes from sizes 2-12 and has five (yes five!) different lengths along with three (yes three!) different fits.  All in one pattern!  In addition it has the option of adding a flounce or a regular ruffle to the shorts, pants, capris.   This pattern is designed for knits and I found through my various tests that basically if it has stretch to it you can use it for these pants although I did get better results with knit that had a better recovery and if it doesn't have much stretch probably don't do the skinny fit (I might have possibly made my two year old a pair in denim that had very minimal stretch and had a bit of a time getting them over her booty :)  )   I had great sucess in making a pair for my three year old in stretch twill.  I added an elastic waist to his instead of the yoga style waistband I did for the girls.  He loves them, he thinks they're sweats and I love them because they aren't sweats.  Haha tricked the three year old!  
Warning I tested quite a few pairs of these so there's a lot of pictures to follow and as a side note some of these versions may differ slightly from the final pattern.  I wanted to share them though so you can get an idea of how amazingly versatile this pattern is.
 Jegging type of material slim fit
 French terry with reverse appliques loose fit
 Thin knit slim fit
 Velour slim fit on both girls and dolly
 Thin knit slim fit with grosgrain ribbon added to the top of the flounce
 4 way stretch knit slim fit with lace flounce
 French terry with contrast panels added on the sides, knee length loose fit
 4 way stretch knit (shorty short length)  perfect for beach wear or under dresses
4 way stretch knit, slim fit with flounce

As you can see the possibilities are nearly endless, these are such a quick sew and has quickly become my go to pattern whenever I need a pair of pants to go with a top, tunic or dress.  I love that the slim fit isn't completely fitted.  They're not leggings, instead they are just a bit looser.  A little more modest that way and very comfortable for playing.  In addition this pattern is unisex so believe you will get your money out of it!  Be creative with it and embellish away or use fun prints!  The Beach to School Knit Pants by Plucky Butterfly are only $5.95 through Sunday so hurry up and catch the introductory price!

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