Friday, November 21, 2014

Rohan Hoodie modification

My son loves to pick out fabric.  He also loves tractors.  Hence I have yards and yards of bright big print tractor fabric.  The question is what do you do with it?  You can only make so many button down shirts and honestly some of the fabric he picks is a little garish (in my adult opinion) for button down shirts.  Yes you can add accent pockets with it but up until yesterday I hadn't found a pattern for wovens for my son that I totally loved that would work for all of this fabulous tractor fabric I have.  Then I was doing pattern research on Pinterest (ok actually wasting time and avoiding my dishes) when I stumbled upon the Rohan Hoodie by Crafty Kitty.   It was the answer!  Now my poor neglected son, neglected when it comes to mommy sewing for him, can have a fun sweatshirt.  The pattern is not originally fully lined but I went up one size and fully lined it with fleece.  In addition I added some cool yellow and grey FOE I had found on clearance to the neckline and cuffs.  This wasn't necessary just a fun touch.  He loves it!  It's cozy and covered in construction emblems what more could a three year old ask for!  I'm so pleased with the outcome!

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