Thursday, November 27, 2014

Miss Audrey Dress

First let me say how excited I am to be part of my first ever blog tour.  Even more exciting is the dress I get to tell you about! Oh and bonus the dress and I have the same name!!!! :)

 I had the privilege of testing the Miss Audrey dress by 1 Puddle Lane.  Let's start off with the basics....this is a princess seam bodice with the option of gathered or pleated skirt and side seam pockets.  The back has an invisible zipper and you have the option of making the dress fully lined or not.  The pattern is available in sizes 2-16 U.S. (6-20 UK/AUS sizes).  First you find your size based on your bust measurement, then your waist measurement and finally your bra cup size.  You can easily blend two sizes together to ensure and perfect fitting bodice. The PDF pattern has layers incorporated so you can choose to print only your size (I love this feature).  This is such a versatile dress and can be made out of almost any woven fabric, think quilting cotton, linen, satin, lace, gabardine, basically it's all up to the look you want and your imagination.  Take a minute to look through some of the other blog posts at the bottom of this post and see all of the beautiful variations.

I decided to go with the fully lined version with the pleated skirt in a striped cotton with some stretch to it.  Honestly I'm not sure what kind of fabric I would call it, I found it on the clearance section of my local Hancock's. I love the almost men's dress shirt look of it in contrast with the classic style of the Miss Audrey dress.  I was going for a 1950's housewife meets Wall Street.....I'm not sure if I achieved it but regardless I love the way the dress turned out LOL!

My Mom saw it and immediately wanted one, she was disappointed the fabric was clearance but I'm sure I can find something else she'll love.  Or I could purchase one of the fabric kits that are available through 1 Puddle Lane, it includes the necessary fabric for the Miss Audrey dress along with all of the notions.  How convenient is that??!!

Ann, the designer, is so extremely helpful if you ever get stuck on part of the pattern, even better she will be hosting a sew-a-long starting Monday December 1st for the Miss Audrey dress so that you can make a new dress in time for Christmas and have help and support while you do it.

Don't be intimidated by the zipper, the princess seams, or the lined bodice, believe me this pattern is so well written and Ann is always quick to answer questions with clear precise answers that I'm sure you can accomplish this dress.  It's definitely a dress that when you wear it people go "WOW, YOU made THAT?!?!"  Hehe I love hearing that!

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Oh my goodness I love the pleats,  I'm very into pleats right now.  I love the simple classic feel of them!

Um yeah I probably should have ironed the back again :/

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